TBO - The Technique

TBO - The Technique

Learn the Foundations of the TILT technique. By practicing with these videos you'll improve your posture, flexibility, and body shape. Excellent for a base conditioning practice for other athletic endeavors including yoga, hiking, skiing, weight lifting, and more. Most importantly it will help you stay fit and healthy and avoid injury in your daily life.

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TBO - The Technique
  • Power Mindset List

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    Use this template to plan your day and stay focused.

  • Food Combining Chart

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    Put this on your fridge to remind you what your body really wants to eat together.

  • Beginner- TILT by Oriana Mechanics - 7 Minutes

    This is the first video in the Foundations Series - watch this first before moving on to the workout. I cover terms, technique and form so you can get the most out of the time and energy you put into your TILT practice.

  • Foundations Day 1 - 60 mins

    Don't expect to sweat today, but to LEARN! Your willingness to try and learn in today's class will create the foundation for your future practice. Slow and steady wins the race! Re-visit this class whenever you feel you need to slow down and focus on form.
    For the TBO veterans watching, challen...

  • Foundations Day 2 - 42 mins

    Do this class to the best of your ability, and follow up with the Flexibility Training video, either directly afterward or later on in your day. If you're strapped for time, split this class in 2 20-minute workouts and pass on the Flexibility Training. As a "Monday" or beginning of week class, it...

  • Flexibility Training 1- 20 Minutes

    Split in half or do the whole thing.

    The fact is, if we want a dancer's body, we have to do what dancer's do. And what is that? Stretch every day. Dancing is only a portion of a dance practice - the others are stretching and muscle work. Use this video or portions of it every day, and you'll e...

  • Foundations Day 4 -30 mins


  • Workaholic Workout 1- 19 mins

    The holy grail! Do this routine daily for a baseline level of health, flexibility, and calm.
    This workout is a combination of the Foundational Warm-up, the Arms Series, and Stretch. This is a great routine to do on "off" or very busy days. In time you will be able to move on to a much shorter v...

  • Foundations Day 6- 34 mins

  • Foundations Day 8- 55 minutes

  • Foundations Day 9 - 25 mins

    NOW we're cooking! Notice how it's feeling more comfortable and challenging? Your breathing is really starting to become more fluid. No arms today, but feel free to add them in and/or finish the day with the Flexibility Training video.

  • Workaholic Workout 2 - 11 mins

    This is faster and has very little explanation - best for those that have picked up the moves and are confident in the integrity of their TILT.

  • Guided Meditation & PFM Work - 8 mins

    Visualizations and Pelvic Floor Musculature Work - a great addition to any workout to round out your practice.

  • Foundations Day 11- 34 mins

    By now you should be able to really feel muscles engage and stretch as you relax into the practice and listen to my voice.

  • Flexibility Training 2 - 16 mins

  • Foundations Day 13- 30 mins

  • Foundations Day 15- 57 mins

    What an awesome, full-length TBO experience. Expect to be blissed out!

  • Foundations Day 16- 23 mins

    Be sure not to rush any moves, the slower the move and steadier the breathe, the better the results. ENGAGE every muscle fiber and SQUEEZE those Kegels.

  • Foundations Day 18- 27 mins

  • Foundations Day 20- 25 mins

  • Foundations Day 22- 59 mins

    We are getting into some TOUGH new moves here. As always, if you're not ready to move on from previous weeks, there is no need! Just commit to executing with fantastic form and you'll get what you need from it.

  • Foundations Day 23- 25 mins

  • Foundations Day 25- 26 mins

  • Foundations Day 27- 26 mins