Watch this video and more on TBO - The Technique

Watch this video and more on TBO - The Technique

Foundations Day 2 - 42 mins

TBO - The Technique • 42m

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  • Flexibility Training 1- 20 Minutes

    Split in half or do the whole thing.

    The fact is, if we want a dancer's body, we have to do what dancer's do. And what is that? Stretch every day. Dancing is only a portion of a dance practice - the others are stretching and muscle work. Use this video or portions of it every day, and you'll e...

  • Foundations Day 4 -30 mins


  • Workaholic Workout 1- 19 mins

    The holy grail! Do this routine daily for a baseline level of health, flexibility, and calm.
    This workout is a combination of the Foundational Warm-up, the Arms Series, and Stretch. This is a great routine to do on "off" or very busy days. In time you will be able to move on to a much shorter v...